How to Fix Alight Motion Not Working/Opening? – All Errors and Solutions – 2023

Alight Motion Not Working:  Hello, friend; first of all, welcome to our alight motion video editor guide blog. Are you getting errors and problems while using the alight motion app? Don’t worry about those problems because here we come with solutions for all alight motion app-related problems.  Alight Motion is a famous video editing application that allows you to make high-quality videos on your Android smartphone using a variety of features and tools that the app provides.

alight motion not working

However, while using the Alight Motion APK, it is possible to have errors or other problems. Here In this article, we provide you with some of the most frequent Alight Motion Not Working problems and the solutions to those problems. Read the complete post, solve your alight motion issues, and share your experience with us in the comment section.

Fix Alight Motion Not Opening Problem:

There might be a number of factors for the Alight motion not working/loading. Here are the few reasons listed below.

  • Your app may not open immediately because the hosting server is experiencing technical difficulties.
  • There are probably just a lot of people using this app at the moment, and the servers could just be overloaded.
  • If your app keeps loading but won’t open, try switching to a different data or wifi network. Your connection speed might be weak.
  • Signing in using a third-party service? Make that Google, Facebook, and Twitter are properly configured by visiting their respective websites.
  • Check an error message on the display because, in some cases, the officials may cancel or ban your account.
  • Incorrect credentials entered may also cause loading problems. Be cautious about keeping your credentials in a safe and easily accessible location.

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Fix Alight Motion Auto Back/ White Screen Problem:

This error is very common while opening the Alight motion app. After opening the alight move, you will encounter an auto back screen or white screen by an undetected crash. You can solve this error very easily using the below methods.

  1. There may be an issue stopping the app from opening. Exit or kill the application working in the background and open it again. Most of the time this method will work.
  2. Your iPad or mobile device might malfunction at any moment. Just restart your gadget and try launching the app again; it should function normally now.
  3. If nothing of those options works, try reinstalling the app from the Play Store. If you still facing the alight motion not working issue please watch the below video and follow the steps to fix the alight motion auto back/ black & white screen error. 

How to Fix Alight Motion Sign-in Problem:

Many users facing this issue recently. If you are facing sign-in required issues please follow the below steps. The pop-up will ask you must sign in before importing a project package. Watch the video if you need more clarification.

  • If you utilize social networks offered by a third party, you may run into this problem. you must go to the official website of Facebook, Twitter, or Google to access your accounts.
  • first of all close the application and open the mobile settings.
  • Go to the apps & notification option and now you can see all recently used apps listed.
  • Click on the Alight motion app and click the clear cache option and get back to the previous menu and choose mobile data and wifi.
  • Now turn off the background data option.
  • That’s it now open the alight motion application and complete the sign-in process using your Gmail or Facebook account.
  • After these steps, you can easily export projects without any errors. If you still have the alight motion not working and the error remains watch the below video.

Alight Motion Mod Apk Installation & Notification Problem Fix

  • Check to find out whether there is an internet connection.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi, mobile data, and any other devices that are linked to your smartphone.
  • The Alight Motion app cannot be loaded on mobile devices due to a lack of storage space.
  • Set everything to low quality and give this a go-to to reduce latency as much as possible.
  • Please begin a new project using these parameters as the basis.
  • To fix the alight motion mod notification problem you must determine whether or not you have enabled your notification. Go to the settings in alight motion and activate it if it isn’t already.

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How to Fix Fail to Export (MP4) Errors and Lagging Problems? 

While exporting videos using the Alight motion video editor you may face an mp4 export failed error (error 1285 Insufficient GPU RAM). To fix this error follow the steps mentioned mentioned.

  1. Open the project and remove the unsupported transitions.
  2. Now go to settings and enable the low-quality preview because by enabling this option we can fix the error.
  3. Now go to settings –> export & share option–> click the video and turn your video export quality to 8mbps.
  4. Using the above steps you can easily fix the mp4 export failed error on the alight motion app. Watch the below video for reference.

FAQs on Alight Motion Not Working

Capcut is one of the best alternative video editors which is used by million so users across the globe because it has many video effects collections.

To run and export the video smoothly on your Android phone you need a minimum of 2GB RAM and 2GB internal memory.

Final Words:

These are all the solutions and fixes for all errors in the alight motion Video Editor app. Hope the above guide will help you to solve your issues with the Alight motion application. If you face any other errors which are not mentioned above please feel free to mail us we will come up with the best solution as soon as possible. Thanks for your visit.

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